Opening Ceremony Drinking Game

The Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Olympics drop this Friday, and we here at Buy Me Brunch can't wait to make it into a reason to get really fucking drunk.

So, we pitched ideas around the office and made the ideal drinking game for the Opening Ceremony on Friday night. In the spirit of these ancient feats of strength and endurance, we're breaking up the game into three appropriately-named tiers. Gold. Silver and Bronze.

Go for the gold, if you think you can handle it.

Bronze level: Drink 1 when you see...

  • a country you don't know
  • an athlete you do know (by name)
  • "U.S.A.," "United States," "America," "Estados Unitos," or "Murica." 
  • a funny hat
  • Rio's dirty-ass bong water
  • mention of the whole Zika virus thing
  • doe-eyed children

Silver level: Drink 2 when you see...

  • mention of the Russian doping scandal (awkward) 
  • it getting real awkward with Russia in general
  • the Queen Mum
  • strobe lights, fog machines, or anything else you might find at a shitty 8th grade dance 
  • matching sport coats!
  • lederhosen

Gold level: Drink 3 when you see...

  • people who can't dance start dancing!
  • a hide-skinned drum, or some weird fucking instrument that you've never seen
  • the Olympic flame licking the night’s sky in a blaze of glory
  • somebody is full of hope or joy or hopeful joy 
  • or joyous hopes 
  • single tear streams down a grown man's cheek 
  • looks like roids...
  • definitely looks like roids…
  • it's roids, right?



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