Buy Me Brunch Goes To Burning Man

Not gonna brag or anything, but we're pretty artsy around here at Buy Me Brunch. Because of that, we sent one of our favorite actresses/singers/hosts, Lauren Mayhew, to Burning Man, a festival in the Nevada desert where beautiful art meets naked people. But before we show some of the dope photos Lauren took there, here are a few installations we thought were worth taking a look at from the festival.


Pigging out

Move over Pumbaa (that's right, a Lion King reference, get at me)... The lovable Lord Snort towers above Burning Man like... like well, a huge wild boar. It's made of steel and balances on a shaft that allows it to spin 360 degrees. As you can imagine, people have been climbing all over it, and using it as a huge piggy merrygoround. Hakuna Matata.

Adulting: Hard

This installation, by Ukrainian artist Alexandr Milov, is called "Love." Two figures of adults, a man and woman, sit in disagreement while their inner children try to express something deeper about how they'd like to escape the prison of their adult bodies. They're literally reaching out. The outer structures are, in fact, basically huge metal cages. Lots of symbolism here and we loved the message behind it. Turn up the love!

Free Willies!

It's called "Space Whale" and if that's not enough to fall in love with it, we don't know what is. This 50-foot-tall structure of a humpback and its calf are swimming through air. Aside from being sparkly and beautiful, we think this piece is about the majesty of Mother Nature. It's made by The Pier Group, an international collective of artists. So far, this pair has traveled to six countries. For more about this dynamic duo, check out

Temple of Doooom! (Just kidding)

Built in the tradition of David Best (a renowned American sculptor), this super-ornate temple is hand-built, including the large altar and chandelier inside. It's meant to look older than it is, stains and all, to give it that authentic Burning Man Temple feel. Would you just look at this thing? It's super impressive. We want to go inside and sleep there for a night. For more, you can check out:

The Dream Team

Another tower you can climb at Burning Man, Tangential Dreams is made of thin slats of wood and looks like something you'd get if you'd punch a complex algorithm into a computer. It's lighted by a ton of LEDs during the night to give it that special dreamy feel. There's something windy and magical about the way it swirls up. Plus, like most things at BM, it's interactive. Pretty dope, if you ask us. For more, check out:


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