SXSW Shenanigans with Buy Me Brunch

Keep an eye out for Buy Me Brunch during SXSW. We'll be hard to miss, driving around town in this old-school Caddy Limo. 

Free rides around town for anyone who follows @BuyMeBrunch on Instagram. We might even have some surprises waiting for you inside the limo... 




Come hang with us on Thursday 3/16 for free brunch from Forthright and free drinks from Austin Eastciders. It'll be busy, so don't forget to RSVP Here



Welcome to the New York Shitshow

We finally moved out and got a place of our own. It’s a snazzy little spot right in the middle of Nolita and it’s chock full of rad t-shirts, hoodies and other cool shit.

Swing by the store, we're running a Buy 2 Get 1 Free promo right now, and we'll be hosting weekend events throughout December.

Stay tuned for more info!


Here's a sneak peak from inside the store. 

And a sneak peak of the limited edition shirt that is available exclusively at the shop.

Empire State of Mind

You're in good hands with our cool-ass sales associate...

Tons of your favorite Buy Me Brunch shirts waiting for a new home...



And if you play your cards right, you might snag some free Champagne while you check out the shirts. 

Just look for the bright ass neon-blue light... it's the only bright fuckin' lightning bolt on the block.

Buy Me Brunch Goes To Burning Man

Not gonna brag or anything, but we're pretty artsy around here at Buy Me Brunch. Because of that, we sent one of our favorite actresses/singers/hosts, Lauren Mayhew, to Burning Man, a festival in the Nevada desert where beautiful art meets naked people. But before we show some of the dope photos Lauren took there, here are a few installations we thought were worth taking a look at from the festival.


Pigging out

Move over Pumbaa (that's right, a Lion King reference, get at me)... The lovable Lord Snort towers above Burning Man like... like well, a huge wild boar. It's made of steel and balances on a shaft that allows it to spin 360 degrees. As you can imagine, people have been climbing all over it, and using it as a huge piggy merrygoround. Hakuna Matata.

Adulting: Hard

This installation, by Ukrainian artist Alexandr Milov, is called "Love." Two figures of adults, a man and woman, sit in disagreement while their inner children try to express something deeper about how they'd like to escape the prison of their adult bodies. They're literally reaching out. The outer structures are, in fact, basically huge metal cages. Lots of symbolism here and we loved the message behind it. Turn up the love!

Free Willies!

It's called "Space Whale" and if that's not enough to fall in love with it, we don't know what is. This 50-foot-tall structure of a humpback and its calf are swimming through air. Aside from being sparkly and beautiful, we think this piece is about the majesty of Mother Nature. It's made by The Pier Group, an international collective of artists. So far, this pair has traveled to six countries. For more about this dynamic duo, check out

Temple of Doooom! (Just kidding)

Built in the tradition of David Best (a renowned American sculptor), this super-ornate temple is hand-built, including the large altar and chandelier inside. It's meant to look older than it is, stains and all, to give it that authentic Burning Man Temple feel. Would you just look at this thing? It's super impressive. We want to go inside and sleep there for a night. For more, you can check out:

The Dream Team

Another tower you can climb at Burning Man, Tangential Dreams is made of thin slats of wood and looks like something you'd get if you'd punch a complex algorithm into a computer. It's lighted by a ton of LEDs during the night to give it that special dreamy feel. There's something windy and magical about the way it swirls up. Plus, like most things at BM, it's interactive. Pretty dope, if you ask us. For more, check out:


See more on Snapchat

Follow @BuyMeBrunch on snapchat to see the action, live from Burning Man with Lauren Mayhew (and if EDM music is your jam, check out her latest track "I'll Be"


Didn't make it out to the desert? You can still keep that fire look with our Festival Shirt collection, available HERE.



Indestructible Wallets? Let's Find Out

If you're like 100% of the office here, your leather wallet is your main wallet ho. That's cool. But can we interest you in cheating on your main leather wallet ho — maybe keeping a secret side-piece in your suitcase for wallet-related emergencies? Why would you risk that relationship? Well first of all it's an inanimate object so you won't hurt it's feelings, and second of all, leather ain't shit versus water. And it can't hold up versus fireworks. And you sure as hell can't drink beer out of it.

These Tyvek wallets? 

They can do all three. We tested this ourselves.

Waterproof? Check

Great for that swim-up bar, for water skiing, water tubing, and any other thing you wanna do where you're worried your money might sink to the bottom of the sea, pool, or even hot tub. It's slick like fucking fish. If you want a backup water-resistant wallet that you can take the beach and not worry about leaving it by your side (AKA thieves stealing your shit), just put this puppy in your pocket and enjoy the waves. Pop a few bills in it in Cancun and you're good to go.


Fireworks? Check


Look. We put fireworks inside our Adios Dinero wallet. It survived the test each time, refusing to say "adios" to its life through a round of firecrackers, tanks and smoke bombs. If you want a wallet that can withstand EXPLOSIONS, then just know that these Tyvek wallets are actually Class A Flammable. Not sure what "Class A" means. But I think it means, "Suck it, TNT."


Beer-drink-proof? Check

We got our friend Joey to drink a beer out of it. We didn't measure how much the wallet actually held, but if you're dedicated enough, we bet you can do it all night. Plus, let's say you're trapped in the wilderness and need a quick way to drink beer and all you have is your wallet? Boom. You're covered.

Rip-proof? Check

We also gave Joey the chance to rip a wallet after all this. If you can't tell by those burly biceps, he's a pretty big dude. He said, "I gave it a pretty hard fucking try." No big deal, Joey. Our Tyvek wallets are just tougher than you. (ohhhhh)

In Conclusion

We actually had a bunch of these laying around the office with the thought that they wouldn't survive all the tests. In fact, the two that we started with made it through every experiment. We have more faith in them than we ever thought possible. We can claim that our Tyvek wallets are water-resistant and (pretty much) firework-resistant and beer proof.

We've put them at 50% off this week. Take one off our hands.

Head to the link below to grab one of these monsters for your self.

The 5 Most Savage Savages of All Time

The 5 Most Savage Savages of All Time

It's a natural question: If your last name is Savage, are you even savage, brah? After a ton of debate around here (some enemies were made), we came up with our Most Savage Savages of All-Time, including everybody's Boy Meets World star, Ben "Squinty Guy" Savage. Check out our list at the blog this week.


5. Savage Garden (6% Savage)

This band had two OK songs your sister liked and you obviously didn't, especially when anybody was around. We're putting them on this list because "Truly Madly Deeply" helped our love life in 10th grade (looking at you, Danielle) (girl, you aged good) and because "Cherry Cola" kinda holds up to scrutiny if you like people quickly almost-whispering. Anyway, it's a garden that's savage. That's like, the least savage thing.



4. Ben Savage (29% Savage)

Actor/director/child-star/squinty guy Ben Savage played Cory Matthews on Boy Meets World, and with that role he taught us all about how to be a weirdo nerd who falls in love with a girl with an even weirder nerd name. Moderately savage. The biggest case against him being higher on this list is that that kid wouldn't be shit without Mr. Feeny, the most savage of all teacher-neighbors.


3. Fred Savage (47% Savage)

This actor/director/child-star/smiley guy played Kevin Arnold in The Wonder Years. That's +5 Savage Points. I mean, have you SEEN how hot Winnie turned out? Dayum. Fred Savage is more savage than brother Ben because he's done a lot more with himself, like direct a few episodes of Always Sunny (savage as fuck) and Garfunkle and Oates (also savageeeee). Then, would you look at his 80s get-ups?


2. Adam Savage (81% Savage)

This genius nerd-slash-red-beard and co-star of Mythbusters has been a toy designer, a carpenter, an animator and a model maker. He's given the keynote at SXSW, worked on Star Wars' special effects, and runs the pretty dope website Plus, best of all, he blows shit up like it's nobody's business. Have you seen that episode where he and Jaime had nothing but duct tape to escape an island? Bruh. Savageness: Confirmed.


1. Macho Man Randy Savage (100% Savage)

This professional wrassler showed us the importance of bicep curls, the power of neon pink, and the health benefits of Slim Jims. With 29 championships in 32 years, holding both intercontinental belt and world heavyweight titles at the same time, this dude couldn't get anymore SAVAGE unless he coined the phrase, "Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh!" Which, dude did. Plus, he played minor league baseball, his first wrestling character was basically Spider-man, and he PROPOSED TO HIS LADY IN THE GODDAMNED WRESTLING RING. Macho Man Randy Savage. You were 100% Macho. You were 100% Man. You were 100% Randy. You were 100% Savage. We salute you as the most savage person to ever live! (Ohhhhhhhh yeah brother!)

Wanna join up with the rest of the #teamsavage crew? Oh. You know you do. Get your own Fuckin' Savage tee or tank here.

Fuckin Savage

Opening Ceremony Drinking Game

The Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Olympics drop this Friday, and we here at Buy Me Brunch can't wait to make it into a reason to get really fucking drunk.

So, we pitched ideas around the office and made the ideal drinking game for the Opening Ceremony on Friday night. In the spirit of these ancient feats of strength and endurance, we're breaking up the game into three appropriately-named tiers. Gold. Silver and Bronze.

Go for the gold, if you think you can handle it.

Bronze level: Drink 1 when you see...

  • a country you don't know
  • an athlete you do know (by name)
  • "U.S.A.," "United States," "America," "Estados Unitos," or "Murica." 
  • a funny hat
  • Rio's dirty-ass bong water
  • mention of the whole Zika virus thing
  • doe-eyed children

Silver level: Drink 2 when you see...

  • mention of the Russian doping scandal (awkward) 
  • it getting real awkward with Russia in general
  • the Queen Mum
  • strobe lights, fog machines, or anything else you might find at a shitty 8th grade dance 
  • matching sport coats!
  • lederhosen

Gold level: Drink 3 when you see...

  • people who can't dance start dancing!
  • a hide-skinned drum, or some weird fucking instrument that you've never seen
  • the Olympic flame licking the night’s sky in a blaze of glory
  • somebody is full of hope or joy or hopeful joy 
  • or joyous hopes 
  • single tear streams down a grown man's cheek 
  • looks like roids...
  • definitely looks like roids…
  • it's roids, right?



Stop & Smell the Rosés

Pretty sure the word "Rosé" is French for, "Let's get really fucked up on a boat." So before you head out to get smashed by the pool or on the beach or at some stupid kid's birthday party this weekend (hey if we can't get in the bouncy castle we're going to get drunk alright?) we're putting you on notice: Rosé is the right way. It pairs well with Classic Rock, bathing suits and jumping into cold water at night, naked if you want.

Rosé punches your tongue in the face with flavor. It keeps your day-buzz going like a marathon runner who is also getting fucked up. It's better on ice, but pretty drinkable if it gets warm. Rich people like it on their yachts. Hip people like it straight from the bottle in the middle of an alley at 2 a.m. Winos will drink anything so they like it too. It's a true equalizer. Light taste. Steady alcohol release. Good cold. Decent warm. Famous.

So three cheers for the French. They know their fries, their toast, and their kissing, and apparently how to get us feeling pretty fucking Zen on my back patio every Sunday around 2.

Oh and seriously, anybody got a bouncy castle we can hit up this weekend? We'll pay good money.

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